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Nile Basin Knowledge Map

The Nile Basin Knowledge Map is a tool that provides an easy access to detailed information regarding water professionals in the Nile basin, organizations, projects, alumni,... etc. The knowledge map (KM) includes communication information of the Nile basin water professionals and NBCBN members, ongoing projects in the basin, different organizations and institutes on national, regional and international levels (governmental, and NGO's), Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) contacts database including different projects and links under NBI.

Water Professionals

In this component, available water professionals from the Nile basin countries in addition to International water professionals are classified according to their area of expertise to be easily targeted if needed for any project team. In the tree view user can identify persons according to the area of expertise. While in the grid view user can search by database for a specific need.

Nile Basin Alumni

Many of the Nile Basin water professionals have been building their capacities through a long process of education, training and working in the water sector. This part of the Knowledge Map offers an access to the existing educational Alumni’s in the Nile Basin introducing who has been where and in which specialisation.

Nile Basin Networks

This part of the Nile Basin Knowledge Map aims to introduce these existing networks highlighting its structure and its available outputs. NBCBN is the first pioneer network included under this main component, it is expected out of the ongoing joint activities and cooperation in the basin that more specialised networks will emerge.

Nile Basin Initiative

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is a partnership initiated and led by the riparian states of the Nile River through the Council of Ministers of Water Affairs of the Nile Basin states. In this component a complete database about the organizational structure and involved personnel in the NBI is presented…..

Nile Basin Projects

Several regional projects are going on in the Nile basin under different initiatives, NBCBN has already links and joint activities with some of these projects, and therefore this part of the KM is the dedicated platform where we highlight the role of these projects in the basin and their contribution to the research and cooperation development.


This part offers an easy access to the different organizations working with water related issues in the Nile Basin and worldwide. The Nile Basin organizations are sorted by countries with detailed information in addition to water professionals working underneath.

Cooperation Projects

The Nile basin is one of the biggest basins all over the world, various projects are focusing on the development of water resources in the different basins in Africa including the Nile basin as an example for a trans-boundary river basin. NBCBN as an example of an active network for professionals in the Nile basin is a partner in a number of international projects. This part of the knowledge map shows the different projects that NBCBN is linked to.